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      Address: Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, Wujin District, remote town, Qin new industrial concentration area.
      Contact Person: Mr.Ji

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      Changzhou technetium electric co., LTD was founded in 2008. Company is located in wujin high-tech industrial development zone in jiangsu province, 15 km away from changzhou beijing-shanghai railway station, and through the area along the river high-speed, 160 respectively from Shanghai nanjing international airport and 110 kilometers, 25 kilometers away from changzhou airport, passenger and cargo transportation is convenient.
      Changzhou technetium electric co., LTD. Is a professional design, development and production of miniature dc motor. The company's production is in accordance with ISO9000 system management; 80% of our products are exported and exported, and our products are developed and designed according to customer's requirements. The company has a strong technical capability, and has many unique products in the design and development of products, which is well received by customers.
      Looking forward to the future, technetium will take advantage of new business philosophy and modern management methods, constantly innovate and pursue excellence. 
      Tel:86-519-86322187         Fax:86-519-86329187
      Address:Jiangsu province Changzhou Wujin District remote view town new industrial concentrated area.
      Phone:13906127880               Contact Person: Mr.Ji
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