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      Address: Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, Wujin District, remote town, Qin new industrial concentration area.
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      Changzhou Delai Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred as “Our Company”) has agreed to abide by moral and ethical values in the management of the company.

      We expect our Business Partners to respect and adhere to the same philosophy in the management of their own companies.

      We require strict compliance with these standards on the part of all our Business Partners, their factories, subcontractors, as well as their own Business Partners.

      Please note that where national and other applicable laws and the code of commercial conduct address the same issue, the provision that is the highest standard will apply. Further, where the Business code of conduct is in contradiction with the applicable law, the applicable law shall apply.

      We seek to work with Business Partners that agree to comply with the requirements of this code of conduct which also abides by the principles stipulated in the Conventions of the International Labor Organization, the Universal Declaration on Human Rights, and the principles of the Global Compact.

      Any breach of conduct or any violation of this code of conduct by our Business Partners or their subcontractors will result in a review and possible termination of the business relationship.


      Forced Labor: The use of forced labor by our Business Partners, whether obtained under the threat of punishment, withholding identity papers, requiring workers to deposit a bond or any other constraint is strictly prohibited.

      Child Labor: Work by children under the age of 16 is strictly prohibited. Business Partners must ensure that the employment is in compliance with all applicable Laws and Regulations in China

      Harassment and Abuse: We expect our Business Partners to treat their employees with respect and dignity. Our Business Partners may not allow or engage in any kind of corporal punishment, psychological or physical harassment or any other kind of abuse.

      Discrimination: We expect our Business Partners to treat all employees equally and fairly. Our Business Partners may not practice any kind of discrimination in relation to hiring, access to training, promotion, or dismissal based on gender, race, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, political opinions, nationality, or social or ethnic origin.

      Wages and Benefits: As a minimum, our Business Partners shall pay regular wages and pay for overtime at the legal rate imposed by the country of original manufacture and provide their workers with the benefits the law currently requires.

      Working Hours: Business Partners must ensure that their employees’ working hours are in compliance with all applicable national labor laws and with published industry standards pertaining to the number of hours and days worked. Business Partners may not impose excessive overtime.



       We expect our Business Partners to share our commitment to a clean and safe environment. We encourage initiatives to reduce the impact on the environment, particularly through the use of environmentally-friendly technologies. Our Business Partners shall agree to respect local and international environmental regulations and standards. Our Business Partners shall be able to prove the effective implementation of the following requirements:

      The existence of an environmental management system.

      Proper waste management, with special attention to hazardous waste and emissions which may not be dumped or discharged in an unlawful manner.

      Employees whose work has a direct impact on the environment shall be trained, competent and have the necessary resources to do their jobs.


      Legal Requirements: We expect our Business Partners to act in full compliance with the law. Our Business Partners shall abide by all national, local and international laws relating to the management of their businesses.

      Customs and Security Authorities: Our Business Partners shall comply with applicable customs laws, including those relating to imports and the ban on the tran-shipment of merchandise into the country of import.

      Subcontractors: Business Partners shall receive Our Company’s approval before subcontracting any part of the manufacturing or servicing process. Our Company’s approval is subject to acceptance by the subcontractors of this code and all other conditions.


      Our Business Partners shall agree to condemn and act against corruption in all its forms, including extortion and kickbacks. According to Our Company’s policy, the employees of the our Company are strictly forbidden to claim and/or accept for their personal benefit,direct or indirect,gratuities,tips,cash,gifts etc from any Business Partners. In particular,this prohibition applies to:tickets to entertainment events,kickbacks in the form of money or merchandise,special discounts to the employee,vendor paid trips,festival gifts,meals,etc.

      In case any form of tips or gratuities is claimed by an employee of Our Company against the Business Partner, the Business Partner shall immediately notice the higher lever manager of this employee and notice our HR department. The Business partner shall cooperate with Our Company to put an end to the behavior of the employee concerned.

      The Business Partner acknowledges that it is informed of our company’s’ internal policies regarding anti-corruption policies, and undertakes to fully Comply with said policies in the course of its relationships with the employees of the company.


      Inspection: We reserve the right to check adherence to these principles and to conduct compliance audits at any time without notice. Our Business Partners shall supply the necessary information and grant access to our company’s representatives who seek to verify compliance with the requirements of this code. They shall agree to improve and correct any deficiency discovered.

      Access to information: The Business Partner shall keep proper records to prove compliance with this code of conduct. Our Business Partners shall provide access to complete, original, and accurate files to our representatives.

      The Business Partner hereby confirms:

      It has fully read,understood, accepted and will comply with the clauses of this Code of Commercial Conduct.

      Business Partner name: ____________________________________________

      Signature and Chop of Business Partner:____________________________________________

      Name of Representative:



      This document is in 2 copies: one stays with the Business Partner, and the other one shall be signed and returned to Our Company.


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